Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Help & Manual 5 Suggestions

A. “Insert new Topic or Chapter” Dialog Box

1. Change title from “Insert new …” to “Insert New …”

2. Increase “Create in:” dropdown size to cut down on scrolling.


3. Fix focus after invocation by Shift+Alt+Ins.  The dialog box looks like it is ready for input because the Topic Heading is selected.  But keystrokes don’t go to the dialog box.

This focus problem doesn’t happen all the time.  I have not noticed a pattern yet.


B. Customize Quick Access Toolbar

I like to add frequently-used commands to programs’ Quick Access Toolbars.  For example this is my Word 2007 environment.  I would be more productive using H&M if any command could be added to H&M’s Quick Access Toolbar. 

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