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Google apps Setup Snips

The Admin Control Panel

From Google Apps Admin Help Section 3

You can always access your account with the URLs below:

  • Control Panel:
  • Mail:
  • Calendar:
  • Docs:
  • Sites:

In each case, replace "" with your actual domain name.


Create custom URLs and web address mappings

For more convenient access to Google services and sites, you can create a custom URL or a web address mapping. In this section, both will be covered.

  • A custom URL provides an easily remembered URL that redirects to the actual URL for the service login page.
    For example: redirects to
  • A web address map actually changes the URL for a given site. Web address maps do not redirect.
    For example:


Do these colored items later if needed.

Do you want to set up web address mapping?

Web address mapping allows you to host Google Sites at specific URLs.
For example, you can use


From Help Section 4

Do you want to set up a domain alias?

When creating a domain alias, mail addressed to and will be delivered to the inbox of
Many organizations need to allow users to send and receive mail from additional domain names. For instance, you may also own a .org or .net version of your domain.

In Google Apps these additional or alternate domain names are called domain aliases. If you own the domains, and, you can create a primary Google Apps account for and add and as domain aliases to


If you're interested, new labs will be posted to the Gmail Blog as they're released.

The best option to receive notifications and configure mailto links is to use Google Talk. By default, you'll be alerted to incoming messages.

  1. Download and install Google Talk. Download it now.
  2. To have Google handle mailto links, click Settings in Google Talk.
  3. In the General section check Open Gmail when I click on email links.
    Note that not all mailto links will be handled by Google Talk, such as links outside of a web browser. For further integration with the Windows desktop or alternative options for maillto links, consider a third party product in the
    Google Solutions Marketplace.


From Help Section 5

Do you want to set up calendar resources?

Calendar resource scheduling allows users to reserve shared spaces or devices, such as a conference room or a projector.


Understand shared contacts

In order to collaborate with users at your domain more easily, you can turn on contact sharing. This creates what is commonly referred to as a global address list. By default, once enabled, all users in the domain are included in shared contacts. The next step in this section discusses the process of adding additional addresses to shared contacts.


From Help Section 10

To learn about new features and tips and tricks for using Google Apps, subscribe to these resources:


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