Thursday, September 29, 2005

Joel on Software Discussion Threads of Interest

Links section for JoS -- Programming blogs, sites

Getting Things Done
05-10-05 Motivation
09-29-05 Chronic Procrastinator Seeking Advise
09-23-05 After a very productive day, I can't be productive the next day
09-21-05 Personal time management software?
09-19-05 Idea Management tool

Virtual Machines Etc.
09-27-05 Stupid Question: Testing app on different Windows OS
09-28-05 Annoying virtual PC problem (+solution!) {UK Keyboard not enough}

Version Control Etc.
09-29-05 Tackling Web Service Versioning
09-20-05 Version Control & Builds
09-20-05 Selling version control to a reluctant coder

.NET UI, Frameworks, Etc.
09-25-05 Any suggestions for .Net UI components? Infragistics?
09-22-05 Windows application framework

RSS Reader/Aggregator Suggestions

Data Records Formats Testing Tool (ms newsgroup)
Developing in a Virtual Machine HW Svr, VMWare, or ?
Do you still plan to use Virtual Machines?
Conserve a little bandwidth and make the world a better place
Speaking of blogs... Desktop blog software?
Using FogBUGZ to Get Crash Reports From Users - Automatically!
Joel on Software Reader Web page monitor
How do you collect payments for your microISV?
Easiest, cheapest way to collect payment?
Good, free, XML editor?
How to make ASP or ASP.Net more SE Friendly
I need a free HTML/CSS editor
Anyone here using Groove?
Anti-virus software without renewals
Team Building in Cyberspace
(.NET D/L "Shrinkwrap") What's with Thinstall increasing pricing to $4k per app?
How to install Dot NET automatically in installation
Alternative to Installshield Developer, please!
What Software do you use to index your URL ? Bookmark Manager
Association of Shareware Professionals
Becoming an ISV Launch New S/W
ISV/MicroISV Roll Call
Products that make millions

Would you trust ShareIt et al ?

Articles on good software design
(Fat Clients)
Enterprise sales resistance to rich applications?
Use a code generator

Microsoft Project (Open Source Alternatives)
(Installing Windows Safely)

Best. Keyboard. Ever.

.NET Forum Software
Build Maker

Version Control

Change control for databases
Version control suggestions VSS Replacement (Sorry!) VSS Book Vault v Subversion commit comment management (Switch VCS) VSS backup?
Version Control for Web Development
Version Control for DB?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sept 7- , 2005 Stuff

NUnit Documentor (
FAR Manager (Text mode file manager)
Vim (vi-like editor)
NDoc Code Documentation Generator for .NET
Beyond Compare - advanced file and folder comparison utility