Saturday, December 26, 2009

UltraMon 3.0.8 Beta

A. Reboot after install; USBs added 1 at a time.  Win7 & UM monitor numbers are different.


B. After Restart without disconnecting USB adapters.

Different numbers.  UM Smart Taskbar did not show up on one monitor (Win7-#5 UM-#7).


C. Shutdown, Disconnected USBs, Start

Plugged in USB #4 before USB #3.  Different monitor numbers.


D. Shutdown, Disconnected USBs, Start

USBs connected #1 to #5 sequential.  Same as A.


Conclusion (For Now)

Shut the computer off then unplug the USBs.  Start computer & log on.  When fully up connect USBs sequentially #1 - #5. Hopefully the UM numbers will stay the same so profiles will work.

(1-1-10  Shutdown, Unplug USBs, Startup, Plug in USBs one at a time in order, has worked several times.  The monitor numbers are as expected, though Win7 and UM monitor #s differ.)

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