Saturday, December 19, 2009

Help File Technology Stuff

VSDocman and Help & Manual

… The recommended way of authoring with H&M is to create one master documentation in H&M. Then you generate API documentation with VSdocman and include it into the master documentation. This needs to be done only once. After that, you can generate API documentation with VSdocman any time, without need to open H&M. When the help is ready to be published, just open master document in H&M and publish it. VSdocman already comes with preset master documentation. It is located in Templates\HaM\MSDN_master_project\MasterProject.hmxp. It contains detailed instructions how to use it. …

Deploying Help2 (Visual Studio help)

… H&M generates correct Help2 (.HxS) file. When you publish VS help output in H&M, this file is registered under specified namespace as title. But that's all. Even Document Explorer which automatically opens after publishing is empty. You need to correctly register your help to see it in VS help, whether on your or other computer.

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