Tuesday, July 19, 2005

July 17-23, 2005 Notes Etc.

DevPlanner - personal planning and estimating tool
Surfulater - Saves web info (By JOS regular)

[DllImport(@Runtime)] -- Reflection
CodeProject - Late binding on native DLLs with C# - (Assembly language)
codeguru - Late Binding and On-the-Fly Code Generation Using Reflection in C#

Call and Debug a C++ DLL in C#
c# include c++ and debugging
debugging a C++ dll in a c# program
Debugging Win32 dll
Problems building C#, C++ solution in VS .NET

VS .NET XSLT Transforms One Two
Open Source C# Grid Control - CodeProject - SourceGrid Site
LLBLGen Pro -- O/R mapper -- JOS Recco

Diagramming for dummies - How to build a diagramming library from scratch
On tree diagrams and XML - A control to edit tree structures
The Netron Project - Graph library
Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software
VG.net - Animated Vector Graphics ($)

madgeek SharpToolbox - .NET Stuff

Piccolo Toolkit - Structured 2D Graphics Framework (Free)

JOS - Norton Ghost (Recommended alternatives)
JOS - Business Logic in ASP.NET

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