Wednesday, June 29, 2005

C# / VB .NET / VS .NET Stuff

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COM Interop
Understanding Classic COM Interoperability With .NET Applications
How to create a DLL library in C and then use it with C#
COM Interoperability in .NET Framework: Part I
Reusing Legacy DLLs in C#

C# and .NET articles and links (Reading binary data, Obfuscation, etc.)

Fighting the software pirates

Delegates and Events

Saving Master-Details form using XML
Read/Write XML files, Config files, INI files, or the Registry
The App. Automation Layer - Using XML to generate Menus (Links to other XML stuff)
Utilize Internet Explorer to display reports using XML and XSL from a Windows application
Automate key sequences for repetitive tasks, reference XML data

Converting Hexadecimal String to/from Byte Array in C#
Old Fashioned Analog Meter Control
Clipboard handling with .NET
Dumping is easy
Adding tray icons and context menus
Base64 Encoder/Decoder in C#
Most Recently Used (MRU) Menu class in C#
Masks and flags using bit fields in .NET
StopWatch with digital display
Errors in XML Log with C#/.NET
A Comprehensive Logging Package for .NET

Object Serialization using C#
A simple but handy utility for serializing and de-serializing various data
Persist Window State Component
Custom application configuration. [With Editor Demo]
An extension for a Configuration Settings class in .NET
Read/Write XML files, Config files, INI files, or the Registry

Advanced Unit Testing, Part I - Overview (Big article)
Advanced Unit Testing

Article Zero: Building a UI Platform
Declarative Programming--Unifying Form And Web Development
The Application Automation Layer - Using XML to generate Menus
Ripping Data on the Web
XML Finite State Machine in C#
ASN.1 Editor
Minesweeper, Behind the scenes

Add Ins
R# for C# $149, $99 until April 5, 2005.
Visual Assist X $99 C#, VB, C/C++

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